Synthetic Telepathy

The term 'Synthetic Telepathy' most often describes direct mind to mind communication obtained by technological means. Unfortunately, this type of technology has been abused.

Proving that the voices can think

The first impression of people who hear voices in their head is that they are simply insane. However mental technology abuse is known to have occurred. It is easy for the victim to distinguish insanity from voices created by a reasoning entity. Faulty activation of malfunctioning brain tissue will produce nonsense content, similar to what a random sentence generator will produce. For example here are two random sentences produced by a random sentence generator, quoted from How can the sympathy lean below the home mountain? A transformation sandwiches a corrupting phenomenon. Although random sentence generators will occasionally produce a meaningful sentence, I have yet to see two sentences produced one after the other that pertain to the same topic. You can Google for random sentence generator to view more sentences. Clearly if the voices you hear are constructing sentences that all pertain to the same theme, then you can conclude that you are almost certainly dealing with something that can think.

Proving that the voices are not from within your head

Abusive mental technology abusers use similar forms of attack, ventriloquism, voices commenting on the victim's behavior, etc. This similarity can be verified by reading through forums for schizophrenics and targeted individuals. It is unlikely that such similar forms of attack would arise by chance in completely different minds if the abusers were isolated from each other and were part of the victim's mind. Beings who can reason would tend to take to different types of activities. It is unlikely that such similar forms of instinctive dispositions would evolve due to evolution as the behavior is detrimental to the person involved. If the brain were to split due to some cause, you would expect that the part of one's brain that has become divided from the rest would have amateur telepathic capabilities. The larger part of the person would likely remember a training period where the piece of their mind that had divided would have to train at telepathic capabilities. Instead many of the voices arrive well trained to hide their emotions, reasoning, and any perceptions they might still have from the bodies senses. These entities arrive well trained to spy on the thoughts of the victims. They arrive capable of performing mental ventriloquism in many cases, the victims will hear voices that seem to be emanating from the walls. They are arriving well trained to induce emotions, thoughts, and to move the victims bodies. You can read reports from schizophrenics on public forums where they describe these types of 'symptoms'. I have not seen any reports of schizophrenics describing a part of their brain fumbling about as it trains to communicate with them. Although it is possible that the brain divides in some manner that leaves the part of one's mind that has divided from the rest with the instinctive capacity to perform these types of acts, that theory seems contrived. There would be too little evolutionary pressure in my opinion to explain the advanced technological capacities witnessed as instinctual. There is no explanation as to how evolutionary pressure would create an abusive psyche that disables it's host, or why that psyche would have the same psychological characteristics in many cases. There are various reasons for developing a technology that would explain the observations, some ethical, some not. The final nail in the coffin of the common theories put forth by psychiatrists concerning abuse is the geometric problem in MPD/DID(multiple personality disorder). MPD/DID is a closely related problem, you will see the same type of abusive voices and there is a fair bit of overlap between the symptoms of schizophrenia and MPD/DID. The geometric problem could be stated as this: How does the mind divide so that each personality is fully functional with respect to mental capacities, when the parts of the brain are highly specialized. If you try and draw a potential map showing which alter is using which parts of the brain you will see the problem that arises. You would end up with a very contorted map as you try and grant a bit of every specialized area of the brain to each alter. A technology would readily explain the observations. Note that paranoid schizophrenia may well exist, although it appears that most cases are misdiagnosed.

Proving that some of the technology might be ancient

The symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, 'demon possession', and modern mental technology abuse as described by targeted individuals, are all remarkably similar. You will find the same patterns of behavior in all three groups of people, insulting voices, voices that emanate from the walls, etc. You can Google 'voices, visions, dreams, and history' to read old accounts of hallucinations. Or Google 'demon possession history', or 'hallucinations history'. Clearly the problem of mental invasion seems to predate the electronics era. It can be shown that these ancient accounts are from sources external to the mind of the victim, with the tactic described above. This is highly suggestive of a non-human ancient technology. If the problem is both ancient and not coming from within the victims mind then clearly there may be such a thing as an 'evil spirit' which is a criminal member of a species. These entities may be alien, or may have evolved to become completely invisible to us due to evolutionary pressure on our planet. Although modern technology abusers may have copycatted tactics like mental ventriloquism, it would take them a fair bit of effort. Clearly the accounts from before the electronics era match the modern accounts too well for coincidence. I think there is enough evidence to raise the ancient entity theories to the point where they should be considered valid scientific theories worth investigating further. Where abuse is being observed as operating from within secret service, it should be noted that these governments may be infiltrated with such ancient entities. This does not mean there is not modern technology abuse, there are documented cases of people removing the doors from microwave ovens, implanting electronics in victims without their consent, MKUltra, etc. Clearly both problems may exist. I have not been able to determine who is responsible most often. Ancient entities may be responsible far more often than people suspect though. There are patents on the website for those who wish to prove that modern technology abuse is real as well.

Natural Law

There is a significant probability that some of the technology may be alien, given the arguments made above. This leads to some interesting political conclusions. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those truly ancient no doubt understand that. Those evil should quit so that they don't have to live amongst each other. No one is in a position to abuse power or escape these fundamental natural law arguments. The universe is too large and too old. The latest measurements suggest that the universe is 13.8 billion years old. There are approximately a septillion number of stars in it, which is a 1 followed by 24 zeros. Clearly those that can reason will not attempt to conquer or control the universe. We live on our half civilized, half wild planet, where no doubt some forget what they are given the scale of the universe. Most of us have a conscience as human beings. This is an extremely valuable asset in this type of debate. It becomes easier to argue that those hostile to us are truly evil and should be stopped before they become more technologically dangerous to others. Animal rights have been increasing naturally without any need for fear or force applied where it has become more affordable to us, and because we have a conscience. Note that there are likely to be good and 'evil spirits' if you subscribe to scientific reasoning that suggests they exist. If they do exist, it is only those evil that should suffer punishment for what they've done. It is immoral to attack the innocent, and we would lose potential allies. The abuse suffered by some targeted is horrendous, the suicide rate amongst the misdiagnosed schizophrenics is alarmingly high. Many likely suicide as a result of the abuse. Clearly the worst of these 'evil spirits' should be stopped given how they kill people. Defending them due to jurisdictional arguments is a dangerous and erroneous path for a judicial system. Although as humans we may not be seen as an immediate technological threat, a third more technologically advanced party wishing to stop these types of 'evil spirits' may end up attacking moral security forces if those moral security forces attempt to defend anything as evil and dangerous as what has been witnessed. Natural law arguments like this one can change the telepathic environment around you. Feel free to record the text above to audio and play it on repeat through headphones, or write your own. It can help to take the time to formulate responses to the common tactics being used against you.


It should be noted that ancient technology has typically been handed down through the world's religions. And so you may find that spiritual culture provides one potential path of escape from tormenting voices. Telepathic phenomena have been recorded throughout history. Voice hearers tormented by voices would have been seen as demon possessed previously in history. The term 'demon possessed' may in some ways be more scientifically accurate than many understand. There may be such a thing as a demon that is a criminal member of an invisible species. There may be such a thing as ancient soul saving technology, and hence ancient technology abused by criminal souls. Note that this does not mean that the Christian belief system is true. Reasoning leads me to suspect that any existing ancient telepathic technology is likely to be of alien origin in fact. Choice of a religion is a matter of personal preference, I recommend looking at the fundamental teachings of any religion you are considering joining to see if they are a match to your own beliefs and preferences. You should also look to see if the religion in question has historically had the ability to combat telepathic threats. Some use the term 'energy work'. I prefer non-racist Asatru myself, it's smaller and does not have as much of a reputation of exorcism/deliverance as others but the teachings and mentality are right for myself. Right, wisdom, might.

Proving that mental technology abuse is real

You can analyze the large number of misdiagnosed schizophrenia cases. TI's could testify that the voices can think, and that they are not coming from their heads, as described above. One can also attempt to establish communication between two victims, the one will know what the other is thinking even if they are separated, and that can be used to prove that the communication is real. MRI can be used as a lie detector. True thought reading allows for accurate detection of lies. If I make a sworn statement, the logic will come from my mind in a pure forthright fashion, and will match the audio. TI's could make statements this way. There are also patents on my site that you can show people. One can also prove abuse through arrest of the perpetrator, there is documentation about cases like MKUltra that is publicly available online. Arm yourself well with patents and an understanding of how to prove that the voices are not coming from your mind, which is described above. If you don't you will be at an increased risk of simply being seen as insane if you attempt to describe what is happening. Use email to prevent people you are talking to from being mind controlled into discounting you. Try and communicate with people you don't know well to prevent that type of mind control, and people you don't know the identity of.


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Here are some links for those who feel that they, or someone they know, may have suffered mental technology abuse.
Printable, signable, witness statement for victims of mental technology abuse.
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You can also Google for 'mind control victims', 'targeted individuals', 'voice to skull', 'voice hearers', and 'demon possessed' for more information.

Those ancient have no doubt seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. A rise in evil is of no benefit to anyone, too many prey on each other. Better to spread sanity and justice and live amongst the sane and the just as one moral. Those ancient also likely have the best technology. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are likely young and are doomed to be brought to justice.


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