Tips for Targeted Individuals

1) Maintain hope. There are not nearly enough security forces but there do seem to be some. You'll notice that in some cases, the perps come and go, hopefully they mostly retreat in your case. The only security I may have found comes through the 'sky', via telepathy as well. Be cautious it can be difficult to know who to trust.

2) Resist. The perp will attempt to control and enslave. If you are getting over the initial shock, then it is unlikely that you will surrender, some perps will start giving up if that is known.

3) Create resistance. Some of the voices will be enslaved, it is best for everybody if they fight for their freedom.

4) Do not rush to believe the voices. If they don't sound like they can be trusted, don't believe anything they say. If there is no order in your head then don't assume that any of the voices are just.

5) Recheck your thoughts. If your head is completely out of order, then you are likely a mind control victim, and some of your conclusions may be induced. If things calm down some, go over any conclusions that you arrived at during the attack, to check that they are rational, and have been arrived at through the sound application of logic. Do not rush to attack anybody, some of the most horrific crimes in modern western society appear to be commited by mind control victims.

6) Keep preaching natural law. The sane and the moral will ally against evil, so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. The perps will likely not care about your traditional legal system.

7) Remove the air of total control. Show the perps how it is known that some of the technology may be ancient. Be sure they understand their scale in the universe, this is described in my natural law section on my security page on this site.

8) Control the emotional state in your head, do your best to remove any false or negative emotions. Music can be good for this, but watch out, if it seems like there are 'people' who are too attracted to it you may have to shut it off or they will keep 'tapping' your head for it.


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