Our fossil record contradicts God's claim that he created the universe. The creation debate becomes very critical if you believe that ancient technology may be in use. Is God lying, or is our entire fossil record a hoax? It might seem non-sensical to entertain a debate on God in the modern scientific age, but it can be hard to counter creationists given the failure in the mental health community. There are rational arguments that can be made nonetheless. The scientific community does not guard itself against infiltration and there is a lot of speculation about infiltration and control of media, those two arguments support the Christian side of the debate. On the scientific side, scientists from all over the world have independently reported dinosaur bones, etc. If you take the stance that the scientific side is most likely to be correct, it leads to an extremely alarming conclusion. The Christian church becomes an organization that is founded upon deceit, and is likely well armed with ancient technology. Judaism and Islam also teach the same account of creation. The word angel is synonymous with 'very moral being'. The word demon is synonomous with 'very evil being'. So who is the great deceiver? Have we been duped to this extent for 2000 years? Demons to frighten us, angels to rescue us, so that we gratefully serve God? There are signs in the Christian church that contradict Gods claim that he is just. For example, Hell, a place God sentences people to if they don't serve and believe hardly seems moral. Eternal torture is not a fitting punishment for anyone. It appears to be a means of frightening people into servitude. It should be noted that evolution and creationism simply do not agree with each other, and so at least one is wrong. The Bible clearly states that the universe was created in six days. 'And the evening and the morning were the first day' is a typical statement. Eliminating reconciling evolution and creationism as well as a literal interpretation of creationism for the arguments above leaves evolution as the lead theory. Evolution is described as a consistent theory by modern scientists. Note that something did start the Christian church. The Bible has numerous accounts of voices of God and that continues until this day. I think that one of the most common mistakes that TI's make, is to bet that God can save them from the tormenting voices. Be wary. You may well end up serving an ancient lying entity instead. That is dangerous to us all.


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