Beyond A Shadow of a Reasonable Doubt

There are about 35 million people in Canada. If the schizophrenia rate is at 1% and 2/5 of those are abuse victims, and the schizophrenics describing abuse are mental invasion victims, then there would be about 140,000 cases of standing abuse, as a first approximation. Clearly a similar situation would never occur with the RCMP, if a home invasion/hostage taking were to be reported, the police would typically be there within 10 minutes, and would resolve the situation within a day. In comparison there are standing cases of abuse, some constant, without enough law enforcement to resolve the situations. Law enforcement will typically address the obvious cases first. The sneakier mind controller framers will tend to get away. As a very crude estimate one could estimate that the number of hidden mind controllers is similar to the number of public abuse cases. As the entities causing the abuse are typically serious criminals and induce serious forms of mind control, it can be assumed that individuals are mind controlled and left framed for serious crimes on a fairly common basis. As a crude estimate perhaps 10%-15% of paranoid schizophrenics are describing attacks where it appears that the invaders are inclined to frame them. There are about 26,000 convicted criminals in Canada in jail at this time. Comparing the amount of mind controllers inclined to frame people to the criminals convicted leads to the argument that none of the convictions meet the criteria of beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt. Other factors of course need to be considered, the amount of unsolved crimes, the number of hidden mind controllers, etc. This evidence has been verified on multiple computers in this region of the world, and is independantly verifiable.


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