The theory that there might be such a thing as an 'evil spirit' that is a criminal member of a species is supported by two verifiable facts.

1) The reports of 'hallucinations' and 'possession' in our history books are remarkably similar to modern reports of mental technology abuse. You can Google 'voices, visions, dreams, and history' to read old accounts of hallucinations. You will find the same patterns of behavior, insulting voices, voices that emanate from the walls, etc.

2) The voices arrive too well trained to spy, speak, and hide the thoughts of the demon/perp for these accounts to be hallucinations. I have not seen any reports of schizophrenics describing a part of their brain fumbling about as it trains to communicate with them.

If the problem is old and is not a hallucination then that leaves the 'evil spirit' theory standing as a potential source of much of the mental technology abuse being witnessed.

The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those ancient no doubt understand this fact. Our fossil records contradict God's claim. May the worst of these 'evil spirits' live but a blink of time in the course of eternity.


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